Our Investment Strategy

For more than 30 years, Wharton Equity has been a student of changing market conditions, as well as technological trends, to identify those strategies ahead of others that will most likely yield the best risk-adjusted returns.

While this “top-down” approach has been an essential ingredient in Wharton Equity’s strategy, it has been our ability to apply this knowledge to identify, act and execute on specific transactions that has been the hallmark of its success.

Generally, Wharton Equity seeks situations where there is an opportunity to add value through operational expertise. By leveraging our own multidisciplinary talent, we have established a strong track record in managing capital for its investors, which include institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals. Wharton Equity’s consistent philosophy has been to play an active, hands-on role in its investments so that, as a fiduciary, the firm is not dependent on others for its success. Our approach includes:

  1. Study macro and micro trends on a local, regional and national basis to define an investment belief
  2. Tailor searches for opportunities around these convictions
  3. Look for operational or other inefficiencies to garner above market returns
  4. Assess the opportunity through rigorous due diligence and evaluation of all possible outcomes
  5. Utilize capital market expertise to properly formulate the appropriate capital structure
  6. Enhance value with extremely focused post-acquisition repositioning, asset management, leasing, and marketing

The common thread among all our investments over the years is that we place our role as fiduciaries above all other considerations. We recognize that when investors and lenders provide us with capital, they are entrusting us to make the right decisions, and to be transparent in all matters of importance. Our goal every day is to drive towards rewarding these constituents and proving that their confidence in us is warranted. This passion and the spotlight on our ability to perform is the singular force that inspires us as we advance well into our next quarter of a century at Wharton Equity Partners.

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