Our Philosophy

Throughout its history, Wharton Equity Partners has had a singular vision: Be alert to the world around us and maintain a flexible investing style so that the firm can take advantage of situations as they emerge.

This approach has sometimes been lonely as we have pursued strategies not readily apparent to others. However, more than ever in this age of transparency brought on by the ubiquity of the Internet, one must see beyond the “ordinary” to find opportunities that generate the best risk-adjusted returns. Moreover, deep relationships are critical to getting exposed to transactions that are not widely marketed.

In order to stay nimble and to leverage the full advantage of over a quarter of a century of experience, Wharton Equity’s key principals play a very active role in defining strategies, overseeing investments and interacting with investors and lenders. This hands-on approach has been a basic tenet since the firm’s inception in 1987, and is the main reason why our philosophy is one of being inquisitive, forward-thinking, and informed.

Our ESG Philosophy

Wharton’s approach to ESG includes a commitment to as many sustainable development practices as possible — including state-of-the-art, energy-efficient equipment in all new developments, and the use of energy-efficient LED lighting in all properties we acquire and renovate. We undertake Phase I environmental assessments as part of due diligence on every property we evaluate, and we are committed to the remediation of any identified Recognized Environmental Concerns (RECs).

We also maintain a commitment to hiring only environmentally conscious general contractors, who are charged with using sustainable materials and superior energy performance systems across our portfolio, and providing our partners with comprehensive reports detailing our sustainability-focused efforts. Additionally, our approach includes providing a diverse and inclusive work environment for our employees, and active efforts to positively impact the economy of the communities in which we develop.

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